Recker Dental has been a great place for all of my family’s dental needs. We get to see the same great doctors and hygienists each time we visit. It’s so nice to know we are working with individuals who are familiar with our dental histories. I trust their advice, and appreciate their honesty and expertise. They have walked with us through many different scenarios and we’ve felt well taken care of through it all. From my kids’ first dental visits, to referrals for orthodontics, to my own dental needs, Recker has been a perfect fit for our family.

David H.


A bad accident as a child left me with challenging dental needs. Dr. Recker and his associates at Recker Dental have been great to work with as we manage and monitor these needs alongside keeping my other teeth healthy. I’ve always appreciated their expertise and the many options they walk me through as I am making decisions so I can make the best choices for me and my family.

Brystal H.